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Fairy Tales last updated on 2/11/99.

ToriHelp: ATTENTION all PC owners!
I have created a windows (Win 9x/NT) help file that contains the complete Tori Discography and lyrics archive. Now you can download this help file to your computer and search through lyrics for specific phrases any time you want! Go to the ToriHelp page and get more info about it and how to download it!
Current version of ToriHelp: 1.1


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Recent Updates to Fairy Tales:
  • I have decided to move to Alabama finally to be with my wife. I am not sure how long it will be before I will have internet access again (hopefully soon). I will leave Fairy Tales running and try to check my email as often as possible (leave any messages for me in the Guestbook or on the Tori WWWBoard). Until then, enjoy the site!
  • The Tori WWWBoard is now online! You can now converse with each other on Fairy Tales' own message board. You can ask each other questions and help each other out. I am usually too busy to help completely everyone that comes to my site. So please feel free to help each other out!
  • ToriHelp is finished. A must have for all Toriphiles! See the ToriHelp page to find out more about it!

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