Hi, I'm Bubba!

Here are some pictures of me. I am a rat terrier (actually a runt terror is more like it). I am almost a year old (born on 4/9/01), and love to bite everything I can :-)

Bubba_01.JPG (182k)
Bubba_02.JPG (181k)
Bubba_03.JPG (143k)
Bubba_04.JPG (114k)
Bubba - Me Grown Up (315k)


(note that this web page will refresh itself automatically every 15 seconds)

(See Bubba live, this picture is updated every 30 seconds while Jason is at home working and remembers to set up the camera :-)

Meet the fish too!

We have a 45 gallon salt-water tank that is set up to be mainly a coral reef aquarium. In it we have 4 fish, numerous snails, 1 shrimp, 2 crabs, 1 rock with some mushrooms, and 2 rocks with some polyp coral on them. The fishes are named: Curly (the orange/brown striped clown fish), Spot (the black fish with the white spots), kelly (the blue fish with the yellow fins), and Brutus (the big Yellow Tang). Kelly is the shy one and is not in any of the pictures.

Fish_01.JPG (125k)    Fish_03.JPG (118k)
Fish_02.JPG ( 80k)    Fish_04.JPG (117k)

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