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  • 3DMark2001SE Score - 10989
  • P4 2.53B@2.85GHz (SL6D8, B0 stepping, pack date 8/28/02 Malay, overclocked 150FSB with 1.525volts)
  • Alpha PAL8942 HS w/ Thermaltake Smart Case Fan II (using temp sensor placed on bottom of CPU, HS applied with Artic Silver 3)
  • Gigabyte GA-8iHXP Revision 3.0 (Bios ver. F6)
  • Enermax EG465P-VE(FC) 431Watt Whisper PSU
  • 512MB Samsung PC1066 16bit RDRAM (4x128MB, effective overclock of PC1200)
  • Soundblaster Audigy OEM
  • ATI Radeon 8500 128MB (290/290, stock cooling)
  • ATI TV Wonder PCI
  • WD 800JB 80GB HDD "special edition" w/ 8MB cache (IDE1 Master)
  • LiteOn 48x12x48 CD-RW (IDE2 Master)
  • Iomega 100MB IDE Zip Drive (IDE3 Master)
  • Toshiba 8x DVD-ROM (IDE4 Master)
  • 56k Lucent Chipset Modem
  • Logitech USB iFeel Mouseman
  • CyberMax CX-900 19" Monitor
  • Vantec Rounded IDE cables
  • Maxtop CSX-147K2F-GF-USB-GRAY Case
  • 2 92mm Vantec Stealth Case Fans (1in - side, 1out - top)
  • 3 80mm Vantec Stealth Case Fans (1in - front, 2out - rear)
  • 1 slot cooler to help cool the video & PCI cards
  • 1 HDD Wave Cooler on the HDD
  • WinXP Home Edition
  • JVC Home Stereo System (front speakers)
  • Altec Lansing ADA305 speakers (rear speakers)
Somebody... "Hey, Jason..."
Me... "Yes?"
Somebody... "What is the best computer game ever developed?"
Me... "Why, Tribes of course!!!!!"

Tribes 1 (an now Tribes 2) is the only game that I have ever played for more than a couple of months. I am going on a couple of years now and I still can't phathom the day I will stop playing. It is just the greatest game there is. Anyways, if your interested, some links...
Oh, if you ever catch me online, give me jingle. My userid for Tribes 2 is "zeld" and I usually play by that name in Tribes 1 also.


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